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Funerals & Celebrations of Life

Imagine capturing the essence of your loved one through forgotten tales and moments of grace that reminds everyone how unique and special they were! This is a time to allow the joy and wonder of this precious life to flow, healing all in its path. 

As a Funeral Celebrant, I will walk you through various options that may be available.  

A funeral is often considered a more traditional format for the beloved which typically takes place soon after death either in a funeral home, church or other venue. Planning can include rituals, special dedications, people sharing memories and love... ...all contributing to the healing process.


Home funerals are also considered where the individual and their family have embraced the idea of allowing and holding space for those who wish to take precious time after the death for some reflection and solitude with the individual. I am able to share how this can unfold should this be an option. Too often the 'after death' period can seem somewhat mechanical, rote and rushed. This sacred time may also include tending rituals such as washing and caring for the body in preparation for burial or cremation. 


 An End of Life Celebration is often held after a period of time has passed and looked upon as a more casual celebration without the traditional formality. This may allow  time to plan for family and guests to travel, and arrange for more of a story telling and reflection of the life and times of the person who has died. 

There are those who may wish to have a gathering or Celebration of Life prior to their death - where family and friends can enjoy memories, stories and possibly hear some very large tales that may have been forgotten over the years, with those who love and are loved by the Guest of Honour.


Ceremony is in memory and in celebration of someone who made this world 

brighter and life far more meaningful.

Life is what you celebrate, all of it....even its end.

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