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Wedding Celebrations

Your Wedding

This is the day you've been waiting for ~ with the person whom you have chosen to love, live, dream & build a tomorrow with; to create a soft landing and safe space...just to be!

The joy you are feeling at this moment, anticipating your perfect day is also shared by me.

I love being able to harmonize all of your visions and dreams, by creating beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime. I consider it quite an honour to share your day!

Whether you've considered a spontaneous elopement, a backyard affair, or a formal 'bow tie' event - it would give me great pleasure to work with you to create your uniquely crafted ceremony, making it as meaningful as you've always envisioned it to be. We will explore the small details that you feel will add to your day - whether a cherished reading to each other, a quirky Dr. Seuss quote that describes your relationship perfectly, or simply writing vows that illustrate your commitment to one another.

We can embrace and include cultural traditions, dedications to loved ones who will join you in spirit, blended families and perhaps determine that your four legged best friend

may be the best keeper of the rings! 

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Vow Renewals









Celebrating your life together is possibly one of the most romantic and meaningful messages that you can share with family and friends.  This is an ideal opportunity

to dig deep and reflect on your relationship and be grateful for everything that you have accomplished and celebrate the joy for all things weathered together. 


Milestone anniversaries are a terrific time to plan for this renewal but anytime you want to share your happiness or have overcome a major obstacle or serious event ~ may be the perfect time for your Vow Renewal Celebration! 

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